To Whom it May Concern:


If you are reading this letter that means you are already on the right track because you are considering Jon to sell your home.


Before we met Jon, my wife and I used another realtor we knew to represent us.  After six months, we had lowered the price of our home by $100,000 and had no prospective buyers.  My wife recommended that we meet with Jon as she remembered the flags he posted in front of the condominium he sold next door to us.


What you get from Jon:

         Top notch marketing.  Jon told us that he wanted a hundred people to walk through our place in the first week.  To do this, Jon marketed the heck out of our place.  The resultÖ during the first week (between the first open house and brokerís open) we had a hundred plus persons through our home.

         Communication.  Day or night, Jon was reachable by phone or email.  After the experience with our first realtor, my wife and I had lots of questions and Jon was always available to answer them.  In addition, Jon is a straight-shooter and will always keep you in the loop.  Our prior realtor waited up to three days to respond to us.  I donít know if Jon is a fortune teller, but things typically happened the way he told us they would.

         Initiative and Follow-through.  Within a month of listing our place Jon had us in escrow with an all cash offer above asking price.  Unfortunately this buyer decided our place was too small and backed out a day before contingency removal.  Jon told us not to worry and that he would have us back in escrow as soon as possible.  Jon quickly remarketed our place as if it were a new listing and within the week had another hundred people through our home.  Jonís initiative paid off because eight days after the first buyerís backed out, Jon had us back in escrow with another all cash buyer above asking price.  To top it off, Jon also secured us a matching all-cash back-up offer.

         Results.  In a down economy and lack-luster housing market, Jon sold our home in 2Ĺ months above asking price.  To put perspective to this, there were eight other condominiums for sale on our block.  Ours was first to sale and was the only one to sale above asking price.


If you are serious about selling your home, want top dollar, and are looking for someone who will work for you, Jon is your realtor.


Thank you,


Scott and Jacquie Madenburg